Company Name

Company Owner
Makoto Kawauchi

Company Address
46-10 Koozu Habikino-shi Osaka

Company Phone Number

Company Hours

Days Off
Sunday, National holidays

Customer Service
Prices shown do not include taxes.

Method Of Payment
Bank Transffer

After confirming your order, we will let you know the delivery charge, and we will begin to process it.

【Return Policy】

(Some orders may not be cancelled, returned or exchanged.)
Once we begin processing your order, it may not be cancelled. So please verify your order before sending.
Products that appear slightly different than you imagined may not be returned.
Parts that can't be put on properly or have been retouched in anyway may not be returned.

[Return and exchange policy due to broken or incorrect parts]

We take extreme care in preparing and sending orders. If upon delivery, you find a broken part or
you notice we sent the wrong part, please inform us within 5 days.
Damage caused by third parties (delivery company etc.) may result in us not being able to
fulfill your requests as quickly as you expect.
Please inform us immediately regarding broken and /or incorrect parts.
Parts that have been put on your car or used may not be returned.

[Return and exchange policy for substandard parts]

Please inform us of any substandard part. we will check with the manufacturer.
After verifying the part is substandard,you can exchange it.
If the part can not be verified as substandard, exchange is not accepted.

(In this case, the part will be reshipped to the buyer with the buyer covering delivery charges.)

Delays due to the above mentioned cases will not be compensated for. We are not responsible
for compensation or damages due to any changes on the buyers side.

[Buyer Return Policy]

Due to the nature of the products, exchanges and returns are not usually accepted,
but please inform us within 5 days and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.
In some cases, the buyer may be asked to pay commission.
Any parts that have been retouched, put on vehicles, damaged or used may not be returned.